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Guyana National Shipping Corporation (GNSC)

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Terminal Details: Guyana National Shipping Corporation (GNSC)
Certified: Yes

General Information


Photo of Guyana National Shipping Corporation (GNSC)
Photo of Guyana National Shipping Corporation (GNSC)
Port: Georgetown

5-9 Lombard Street, La Penitence.
Tel.: +592 226-1840, 226-3365
Fax.: +592 225 0849; 225 3815


Contact Persons

Mr. Malcolm Bascom
Managing Director
Tel.: +592 226 1840
Fax.: +592 225 3815, 225 0849

Mr. Andrew Astwood
Tel.: +592 226 3365
Fax.: +592 225 3815, 225 0849

Mr. Brian Duncan
Shipping Manager
Tel.: +592 226 1732
Fax.: +592 225 0849

Service Name Service Description
Ships' Agency We are Agents for a number of Shipping Lines.
Customs Brokerage Clearnace of cargo through Customs can be arranged.
Stevedore Contracting Arrangements can be made for discharging and loading vessels by professional Stevedores.
Inland Transport Transportation of containers by trailers can be arranged.
Marine Insurance Marine Insurance services are on offer.
Ship Owners and Operators A Coastal service is available for transporting cargo locally by river.
Terminal (Pier) Operator
Quays, Wharves and Bays

Name: La Penitence
Length: 274.00 meters
Breadth: 25.00 meters
Height of Low Water Draft: 5.50 meters
Description: The Apron (quay) is constructed of concrete and greenheart piling and beams, with timber decking and mooring bollards. The Quay pathway is constructed to accommodate the discharging and loading of containers and heavy lift cargo by Crane for gearless vessels. The open area of the Marshalling yard can accommodate structural steel, heavy machinery and cargo which do not require sheltered storage. The Transit Shed floor is made of concrete and provides a smooth surface for the operation of mechanical equipment and comfortable storage. The entire interior, inclusive of maximum security areas for storing high risk and expensive cargo, is outfitted with electronic alarm system and security cameras, while the structure is steel-framed with aluminum roofing and enclosed by fencing. Tight security patrol is maintained in and around the shed and perimiter of the Terminal at all times.

A total of five(5) refrigerated containers can be accommodated at all any one time.
Description of Environment below: Mud and Sand - Pile extensions and braces.


Name: La Penitence Transit Shed
Capacity: 6.00 square meters
Description: The Transit shed consists of five(5) bays and is of concrete flooring which provides a smooth surface for the operation of mechanical equipment and good storage. The entire area, including security cages for high risk and expensive cargo, is protected with electronic alarm systems and monitored by CCTV cameras.

Road Network

Description: Main entrance and exit roadways on the northern end of the Terminal compound. Main driveways in the compound are on the northern and southern sides of the Transit Shed. Internal roadways are also on the perimeter of the complex linking the northern and southern back entrance and exit gates, and connecting to public roadways.

Plant & Equipment
Plant & Equipment Type Quantity Capacity
Fork lifts 16 3 - 7 Tons
Container Super stacker 1 41 Tons - 5 High
Empty Container Stacker 1 20' & 40' - 4 High
Crane 2 32 - 40 Tons
Multi-Functional Side Loader 1 33 Tons - 20' & 40' Containe
Container Trailer 25 Various
Container Haulers 6 Various
Tractor 2 Various
Motor Coasters (vessels) 4 500 - 700 Tonnes
This Terminal (Guyana National Shipping Corporation (GNSC)) is also an Agent.
Shipping Lines


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