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Muneshwers Ltd.

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Terminal Details: Muneshwers Ltd
IMO #:
ISPS Certified: Yes

General Information

Port: Georgetown

45-47 Water Street
Tel.: +592 226 7859
Fax.: +592 226 1031

Contact Persons

Mr. Amarnauth Muneshwer
Managing Director
Tel.: +592 227 7417, 227 4405
Fax.: +592 227 7419

Mr. Robert Hanoman
Shipping Director
Tel.: +592 227 7417, 227 4405
Fax.: +592 227 7419

Mr. Romel Raghuraj
Shipping Manager
Tel.: +592 225 0763
Fax.: +592 227 4419

Service Name Service Description
Terminal (Pier) Operator We offer pier facilities for docking vessels.
Stevedore Contracting Stevedoring is also available for discharging and loading vessels
Warehousing Warehousing is also available for holding cargo while documents are being processed.
Inland Transport Cargo can be transported by trailers to destination.
Quays, Wharves and Bays

Name: Muneshwers wharf
Length: 166.00 meters
Breadth: 20.00 meters
Height of Low Water Draft: 4.80 meters
Description: Constructed of wooden and concrete planks and piles.
Description of Environment below: Mud flat with concrete revetment.


Name: Warehouse #1 & Warehouse #2
Capacity: 53.00 square meters
Description: Two (2) Customs Bonded warehouses well secured with concrete flooring and zinc walls and roofing.

Road Network

Description: Road network around the Terminal free of any congestion. There are roadways to the north and south entrances of the Terminal. There is also a road connection within the Terminal compound.

Plant & Equipment
Plant & Equipment Type Quantity Capacity
Container Haulers 5 Various
Fork lifts 8 1 - 20 Tons
Crane 2 1 - 30 Tons & 1 - 80 Tons
Container Super stacker 1 40 Tons
Container Chassis 40 Various
This Terminal (Muneshwers Ltd) is also an Agent.
Shipping Lines

Shipping Line Name: Maersk Sealand

Shipping Line Name: BLT Enterprise

Categories Shipping Agents