Shipping Association of Guyana

Who we are

The Shipping Association of Guyana is a private organisation that represents the shipping industry in Guyana, including terminal owners, shipping agents and shipowners.

SAG acts as the liaison between operators and relevant Government agencies, particularly the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD). The Association is now recognised as the institution responsible for consultations with relevant agencies for improved infrastructure, reframing laws, and requirements regarding all aspects of shipping.

Originally, the Association functioned as an employment company and dealt with matters pertaining to labour relations, which were impacting Wharf Operators, who were then represented by the Waterfront Branch of the Guyana Labour Union (GLU). 

Following an examination of the issues that were facing the sector and the needs of the members, it was realised that strategic changes were needed as it related to establishing legitimacy; networking opportunities; exchange of information; industry representation; enhancement of services while exploring new opportunities and technology;  customised services; knowledge of new business opportunities and/or new imminent threats; training and updated technology inclusive of business enhancement techniques.

As a result of these considerations, a number of short-term goals were arrived at within the context of the Maritime Transportation Sectoral Objectives contained in the National Development Strategy of 2000 as well as a plan for the development of the Ports and Shipping industry in Guyana.

SAG is strategically positioned in its functional role to impact the development of the ports and shipping industry in the Co-operative Republic of Guyana and is the country’s bona fide representative in within the Caribbean Shipping Association.

Our Vision

An inclusive national association comprising all stakeholders and interest groups within the maritime services sector, created to meet the demands of global standards.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to promote and coordinate the daily efficient, reliable and quality services within the maritime services sector in response to market demand and, by extension, contributing to enhancing the development of Guyana.


The Shipping Association of Guyana is committed to continually improving its systems, procedures and processes.


Core Values

Our objective is to continually deliver quality products and services to the satisfaction of all of our members.

The following core values serve as the ethical foundation and guiding principles of the Shipping Association of Guyana:

Excellent Client Service – We provide service to meet the requirements of the functions we provide and to satisfy customers expectations.

Respect – We demonstrate respect to ourselves, our position and to our colleagues at all times.

Transparency – We operate in a transparent manner and encourage participation by all relevant stakeholders in the execution of our mandate.

Accountability – We hold ourselves accountable.

Productivity/Efficiency – We strive to make effective use of our resources by optimising all human, material and financial resources.

Inclusivity – We account and take cognizance of the needs of all groups in the community.

Integrity – We always strive to exercise honesty in the conduct of our work.

Teamwork/Collaboration – We strive to consistently work as a team and create a conducive environment that fosters positive relationships and partnerships.

Professionalism – It is our intention to always operate in an honest, fair and respectful manner. We pride ourselves in meeting our stakeholders at the point of their needs in relation to NQI Services.

Health and Safety – We strive to uphold global standards for Health and Safety in al we do.

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