Shipping Association of Guyana

About Us

The Shipping Association of Guyana (SAG) is a non- governmental organization that serves as the advocate for the entire shipping industry in Guyana. We represent the interests of all operators including:

  1. Shipowners

  2. Shipping Agents

  3. Terminal Operators

  4. Cargo Haulers and transporters (road, air and river)

SAG acts as the liaison between operators and relevant government agencies, especially the
Maritime Administration Department (MARAD). The Association is now recognized as the institution
responsible for consultations with relevant agencies for improved infrastructure, re-framing laws and requirements regarding all aspects of shipping.

SAG is the bona fide representative in Guyana of the Caribbean Shipping Association (CSA).

Our Mission

Through dynamic LEADERSHIP and ADVOCACY, SAG will actively represent the interests of its members,
clients, stakeholders and all other operators at local, regional and international levels, ensuring the highest
standards of efficiency to facilitate movement of imports and exports and maximize national economic growth.

Our Objectives

SAG is now better equipped to provide and/or facilitate quality training for our membership. We aim to:

  1. To ensure shipping agencies comply fully with international Conventions and Regulations, and
    adopt safer, environmentally sound shipping practices.

  2. To instill oneness of purpose at all levels and to action all issues that come before us which are
    relevant to Guyana’s maritime transportation sector.

  3. To transform into a financially self-sustaining organization by consistently increasing membership.

  4. To consistently provide members and stakeholders with relevant information and guidance especially about technological advancement and new local and international markets.